While it's never pleasant to dwell on the negative aspects of life, it's important to be realistic, and a full fuel tank can contain thousands of pounds' worth of oil. It would be careless not to take precautions against thieves, and a few simple and inexpensive investments can save you the worry of becoming a target of theft. Here are our tips on how to secure your fuel tank from thieves.

One of the simplest, most effective ways to help protect your fuel tank is to position it in clear view of your house. Would-be burglars will be unlikely to attempt to access a fuel tank in full view of a window, and they'll likely go looking for an easier target. Of course, this won't work if they suspect that no one is home when they arrive at your property. Use a timer alongside a lamp to give onlookers the impression that your house is occupied whenever it's dark.

You could also attach a padlock to your fuel tank to help protect it from thieves. This isn't something you should scrimp on, invest in a high-quality, close-shackle padlock. As an extra layer of defence, which is recommended for farms or businesses that may spend long stretches of time unoccupied, invest in an oil tank security cage.

While a security cage and a high-quality lock will often be enough to deter all but the most determined of thieves, for absolute peace of mind, invest in a steel fuel tank. If you own a commercial property or farm, which requires lots of fuel to run, there can be a huge cost to having your heating oil stolen, so ensuring its security is of the upmost importance. A steel fuel tank will guarantee that only the most sophisticated thieves will even consider attempting to access your fuel.

Follow these steps to ensure the security of your fuel tank over winter and beyond. This helpful advice has been provided by Rix, a provider of heating oil and fuel supplier, http://www.rix.co.uk