Brettenham WW1 bulb planting scheme

The plan is to plant in and around the village 1250 bulbs per year for the 4 years of the war i.e. a total of 5000 bulbs. The final bulbs will be planted by Armistice Day 2018.

Hopefully this will be a lasting reminder to the generations who will come after us of the sacrifices the men and women of Brettenham made during WW1 and subsequent wars.

I will get the ball rolling with a gift of the first years bulbs - a standard daffodil called "Carlton". I have pictures taken in the spring by Emily Adie so we know where bulbs are currently planted. The idea is to plant a different variety each year to make a dazzling display.

So far a total of 1400 bulbs have now been planted around the village with the help of volunteers.

I have other ideas about fundraising, sponsorship and perhaps a plaque in the Church which will appear the next Village Magazine.

Please let me know by either e-mail or telephone if you can help.

Charles Camp
01449 740464