Apple Day Write Up

This September was our third and most successful year of community fruit pressing.  Experience and an excellent team meant we pressed more apples in a shorter time and we didn’t runout of containers for the juice.  If you haven’t tasted apple juice straight from the press, you are missing out on one of life’s great pleasures.  Unfortunately, wasps like it too and they were a nuisance this year.  The phrase, “like bees to a honey pot” does not adequately describe the swarm of wasps that descended on the fruit press!  Fortunately, in the main, they were good tempered and we managed to keep them out of the juice.    

Other activities on the day included a quiz organised by Pete Knight; a selection of special ciders, also organised by Pete; and a delicious BBQ lunch provided by Gwinnie and her family who kindly donated the £200 raised from the food to the Gardening Club

As the Apple Day has become a popular annual event, the Gardening Club is considering buying their own fruit press.  Currently the equipment is hired and involves two 160 mile round trips to Kent to collect and return it.  It is one of the many ideas the Brettenham Gardening Club will be discussing at their meeting in November.

Carrie Dye