Apple Day

Well how quick has this year gone!! It is time to start saving your plastic containers for freezing/storing your apple juice.

Turn your apples into fruit juice for free! Bring along your apples and take home the juice. Book your slot by contacting Lyn Rufus at or 01449 258055.

The slot time will allow for 20kg of apples to be pressed but do not worry if you do not have that many apples. In previous years we have mixed apples and the juice produced has always been sweet and flavoursome; even using some Bramley cooking apples has produced a great juice. The time slots will be 30 minutes apart and you will be required to arrive 20 minutes prior to your time slot, which will give us time to quarter the apples. If you have any questions please ask Lyn when booking your slot. An information sheet will be sent to you when you book your slot.

Preparing the apples and making the juice

  • Apples need to arrive weighed, clean and in good condition. If you wouldn't eat it, it's not good enough for juice. However, new bruising is acceptable
  • Prior to pressing, the apples need to be quartered (this can be done by you before arriving and by doing this it can produce more juice as the apples start to ferment - we found this to be the case last year when we had so many apples to process those left waiting longer to go into the press produced more juice)
  • Once quartered, they will be placed in a crusher where they are mashed up
  • The apple pulp is then transferred to the press
  • The juice is then transferred into your container ready to take home to be frozen or pasteurised – see notes below on various storage methods and containers. The whole process takes between 1½ and 2 hours

Bottles and containers

  • Any screw topped wine bottle or plastic bottle can be used but recycled bottles have to be carefully sterilised as follows: wash thoroughly in warm water, then fill with warm water containing a little sodium met bisulphite and screw lids on firmly. Lay bottles on their sides and leave for 1/2 hour, turning once or twice. Immediately before filling them with juice, rinse bottles in warm water
  • It seems that any seal/top is acceptable on a bottle as long as it fits well and is clean
  • Any plastic container can be used for freezing, even a bag
  • New bottles and containers do not need to be sterilised. 2 pint plastic cartons called beer hoppers will be available to purchase but please pre order when booking your slot

Fabulous BBQ Meal Deal will be available. To avoid disappointment make sure to pre order your meal

  • Luxury beef burger with roll, fried onions + 2 sausages +
  • Half jacket potato with cheese topping + coleslaw +
  • Tomato and red onion salad
  • And vanilla ice cream in cone for pud
  • Adults £7.00 Children £5.00

Please book your "Meal Deal "before 13th September 2016 by contacting Gwinnie at or 01449 737316.

All proceeds will be going to the Brettenham Gardening Club.

The Bar will be open for refreshments from 12:30pm